Who am I?

This blog is the space I have created to share my experiences and the things I have tried and tested in my life to overcome my simple problems and struggles without getting Influenced by any famous Influencers.

Most Influencers we see today just promote the products just because they are paid to promote because they have huge followers.People tend to buy all the stuff that these social media Influencers promote.

Its not just a waste of money but its collection of trash and then just throwing them into the environment without even giving a second thought.

This is the space I have created to share my knowledge about the things I have used and how I am slowly changing my habits to making sustainable living choices and leaving lesser scars on our beloved mother nature.

Just a glimpse of what you can expect from my blogs are below listed:

As I am pursuing my Post Graduation In Psychology you can expect,

  • The article to read when you have a really bad/worst day of your Life
  • Self motivating post
  • Stories of the real life people and their victories in overcoming stress and depression
  • Basic Things to do to keep your mind and heart happy

As a mother of two boys ages 7 and 2, also a loss mother of a child lost due to still birth, and a ecotpic survivor,

  • Medical negligence and abuse in hospitals in India
  • All about being a young mother
  • Ectopic alarms and reality
  • Kids food and health
  • Reality of motherhood

I am Bibliophile and I keep exploring new stuff so there would articles about the currents affairs all over the world.

As I am always going to be a learner so i would be always sharing new knowledge whatever I keep learning from my Life.

Life is not hard to live, every single person is striving hard to live, if you just start being grateful for the things you have and see the oppressed then you will definitely know how to pull through the days.

See you all, be happy and if you are not happy today then do check out my post that will lift your day.

This is just an honest attempt to spread the reality and positivity. Do encourage me share my posts and support me.

You can share your experience and point out any mistakes i do, just write to me @therealinfluencer2256 or therealinfluencer2020@gmail.com