The Feeling of Dying

The Feeling Of DYING,

Everyone, and believe me everyone has this feeling once in their lifetime or once a year, once a month and for some its everyday.

Yes some do feel like dying everyday, We often judge suciders as weak but have you ever thought of yourself, even you must have felt like dying but you diverted or gave a thought process towards living with it.

But sometime people to do come to point of closure where they find nothing interesting, they find themselves in the place that their pain is the deepest in the world so they find dying as the closure to their suffering.

But is it true that once you die? all your physical sufferings are going to end but you create a feeling of dying in an another person. That person is the one who always wanted to see you alive and you were the purpose of their life. But you ended your life and now they are waiting for that one day when they feel the same strong essence of dying.

This feeling of dying often comes at a very early age. But we just keep pushing it, sometimes when we just feel the world crashing over us then we find a good friend or our loved ones just cheer us up on that saddest day. But not everyone gets that kind of people around them.

A 15 year old girl gulped the whole packet of paracetamol tablets, she just puked it all out in 8 hours but that was a close call to end her life.

Imagine 15 year olds finding it hard to let go and start a fresh. I remember reading in the newspaper, a article stating that a girl committed sucide because her parents put up the restriction on hours she was spending on her newly bought phone and her grades were dropping. So she gulped the rat poison and she died, she was 17.

Just like we should not compare our life with others, please don’t judge others reason for dying as silly or make a joke out of it. Take it seriously when someone tells you they feel like killing themselves talk it out, because this feeling is a creeper and it just spreads and grows.

After doing a lot of brainstorming and research, when I thought deep about this feeling, so the first question that arrives, when and why does this feeling comes?

In this era, Life is pretty difficult for not to compare, social media is booming, everybody is posting something, achieving something, creativity has come to its newest level, but there are many who are not doing anything but seeing all this they do feel sad and unworthy thus find it very difficult to cope.

They slip into different kinds of disorder and some very difficult to treat.

The other day I was just giving a instagram like to an old school friend photo and it was not a picture to be liked and I could see there was hardly anyone who bothered to like his post but I did click on that like because you never know what that person goes through when they don’t find themselves as competitive as others.

When you give a deep thought about this feeling, it comes through our childhood, it really matters what kind of childhood we had and how often we got that feeling of dying, why we got it?

Because we do talk about everything when we are sitting with our parents or friends but we never talk about our feelings to die, we think no one will understand. You think they will pity you.

Now lets talk about recovery of this feeling,

The most important thing about this feeling either you are too busy or you are too free to think about dying.

When you are too busy you find it hard to find time for yourself or some long waited desires you wanted to fullfill for yourself.

When you are too free, you find yourself bored, noncompete, negative part of the world comes in front of you.

In both the cases when you get this feeling keep a diary for yourself,

  1. Write the date and start writing your feelings for that day or week or month just pour it out
  2. Do this for a month if daily you have the same feeling about dying and there is no change then please find a counsellor. You can find online counsellor too just to hear you out. They will suggest if you need therapy or medications
  3. If the feeling is occasional like not more than twice then you are fine its common to feel like that but do give it a thought what made you come out of that feeling of dying, and keep doing it for yourself.

Its very important that at very young age you talk it out this feeling because once you suppress it, it just keeps coming back in some other way and as you age talking to someone becomes very difficult.

How to make your kids talk about this or how to successfully make them get rid of this feeling is by inculcating the habit of reading.

You must give some age appropriate books so that its easy for them to express their feelings and overcome the difficult situation in their life.

You cannot always be with your child but you can put the good thoughts in their minds that will always be with them.

So next time you want gift your child please keep in mind the thoughts your putting into their young minds.

I have made a compilation of the books that’s must read according to their age group, If you have some more suggestion about this do write to me and follow me on instagram @therealinfluencer2020

Checkout the list below

4 to 8 years 

What Were You Thinking?: A Story About Learning to Control Your Impulses

You, Me and Empathy: Teaching Children about Empathy, Feelings, Kindness, Compassion, Tolerance and Recognising Bullying Behaviours

The Wonderful Things You Will Be Hardcover by

Wherever You Are: My Love Will Find You Board book

Age group: 7 to 14 years

The Kids’ Guide to Staying Awesome and In Control: Simple Stuff to Help Children Regulate Their Emotions and Senses

Science Tale For Kids- Jo the Waste Manager by Young Angels

World’s Greatest Artists: Biographies of Inspirational Personalities For Kids

The Dot that went for a walk… (51 Short Stories) {specially for girls}

Above 13 years of age

Tackling teen trouble: Kriti Kanuga

The Visage: Unmasked Paperback

Life is what you make it by Preeti Shenoy

The worry workbook for teens: Jamie A.Micco Phd

The Odd 1s Out: How to Be Cool and Other Things I Definitely Learned from Growing Up by James Rallison.

Be Your Own Sunshine: James Allen

Perception is an insight.You cannot put bad thoughts into people’s mind but you can influence their perception with good thoughts.

Have a great day!

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