Internships: Should we or should we not?

I have seen a doctor turning into writer, and chemical engineer turning into a painter and a Charted Accounted becoming the owner of a candle making company.

A Decade ago if you ask a teenager what do you want to become, then the kid will straight away look at his/her parents face or repeat the same answer as parents used to say Medical or Engineer and getting into the science stream was assumed like climbing Himalaya. If his or her child won’t get into Science stream for high school then the child was assumed to be not so Intelligent. It was much later that commerce came into Lime light when Charted Accountants and Company Secretaries became a trend.

So in this trending world some important courses and interests of the child are lost. Well now let me tell you, ‘Art is the new trend’ and most the parents are pushing their children toward drawing, craft, music and what not, but again its a wrong way to see the world, as you are stressing your child with education and extra activities with less time for self realisation.

So here comes the new trend and I am really pro towards this, It’s Internships. You will find a lot of Internship ads on social media and they are there for almost all streams according to you and your child’s interest.

I don’t know if you guys have heard about it but nowadays eight year old kids are learning coding, just like that internships are project based work where your child learns how to work and they will be working with the real actual companies, it makes sense about what the real work is in outside world and the teenager understands the work pressure.

Why to choose internships?

Your kid may be interested in some stream of his own interest but as a parent and even the kid as a teenager may not be sure whether to choose that stream or not and that’s where the internships play a huge role. After doing the internship you and your child both will feel confident about what and how to do?

What does Internships give?

Internships are mostly online these days and there is a lot to explore. But there are many practical based internships are also available. There are lot of NGOs offering internships and its a great way spend holidays for teenager and explore career options. After doing internships you might also get an idea of what college to choose and according to the stream you choose which is the best place to do your desired course. It will also give teenager seriousness about the stream he/she chooses as a career and the kid’s grades might improve with the level of interest created during the internship period.

How to choose the Internships?

Internships are Both paid and unpaid. You have a choice to make. They have certain specifications but if the teenager is just entering high school, paid internships would be difficult to get. But They do provide certificate of experience which gives an excellent look while creating the Curriculum Vitae (CV). Internships starts with a duration of 3 weeks to 12 weeks and once you have completed the duration fully, the certification is provided.

Benefits of Internships

Almost all the internships provide certificate at the end of the period. This will add as a work experience on your Curriculum Vitae. If you have done many internships by the time you finish your college and start searching for a real job then your CV would definitely look quite impressive with being a versatile learner.The most important benefit would be that you will have a clear idea of which companies to apply and what kind of work to expect from the new place.

As you never know what your passion is, so don’t waste your time and energy on the work that doesn’t interest you, instead take a firm decision from the beginning of your career choices.



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Write you soon!

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