Writing As A Career

A writer, An Author, A Script Writer, A Content Writer, An Editor/Editing Expert, Publishers are some of the many roles you can play when you choose Writing as a career.

Now you might have the initial spark of writing but you are under confident on what and how to become a writer. It is indeed a very tricky field. Just imagine your favourite book and think of the plot, the details, and the climax, it is extraordinary right!

Writing thus involve creativity, imagination and connecting the emotions through words. Writing novels is not an easy task. The initial chapters might come out easily if you are writing a personal story but when you read it as a reader’s point of view it needs to be engaging, relatable and authentic.

Not all the Novels are real stories, we have some great fictional writers and their observational skills are too par perfect. It needs a grasping plot and the real characters who are just like you and me then only the story becomes interesting and engaging.

But what about your writing skills and dreams of becoming the above roles as a writer and as of now your scripts must be in your laptop or device waiting for someone to approve,” that it’s a good story”.But you don’t know where to start. Or you might just have a feeling of trying to become an writer but don’t know where to start.

As writing is very under rated, courses might be available very close to you but you didn’t know because people talk very less about how to become a writer or hardly anyone encourages if you tell them that you want become a writer.

The most important to thing about it, is don’t think that you want to become like any of the author you love but just keep the inspiration in mind that you have to achieve something in writing.

As we are in digital world and socialising platform are unlimited so options are plenty to explore your writing skills. But becoming an author is not the only option in writing course, there are plenty more roles which can be achieved through the various courses which can make you earn equally as any other course.

The basic course that is available is for under Grad is Bachelors in Arts, English Literature, or any specific language in which you can express yourself fully(Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Telgu, French,Russian ), Bachelors in Mass Media, Bachelors in Mass Communication. These are also available in Post Grad courses.

But there are special certificate courses and internships which offer in-depth training and enhancement of skills.

Becoming an author or writer requires lots of patience and imagination. There are many authors who haven’t travelled places but have searched on internet and described it as a personal experience so its a skill based programme which requires lot of training and experience.

You might not get the level of appreciations in the first write ups as you expected but if you have the skills then definitely success will come your way.

Writing as a career is the most difficult choice to make, because its time consuming and involves a high level thought process because the audience is vast and each has a different thought process also there are more rejections if there are similarities in story. But there is plenty of options before becoming an author and experience does make a huge difference in writers/authors.

If your dream is to becoming an author, then start with writing small such as blogging which itself has a vast variety because this will give a chance with less risk and the idea of what you should learn about or what skills do you lack.

But what if you are already a undergraduate or a post graduate in some other stream and now you want to explore the field of writing or become an author then also there are plenty of options to explore. Don’t quit your job and make writing as your full time career instead continue to work and try some of these workshop.

Check out the following Workshops :

  • Bangalore Writers Workshop (BWW)
  • Bound Writer’s Retreat Goa/Mumbai
  • British Council (New Delhi/ Kolkata)
  • Dear Park Institute Janet Thomas (Himachal Pradesh)

Writing is intuitive, its an Art to express and it is not an ordinary skill. The power of imagination and to put into words can make or break other person thought process.

Writing is like a wet mud, the reader gives the shape but the process is the author’s that in which direction the reader should spin the wheel to give a perfect shape to the wet mud.

Becoming a writer is a great choice of career, it still hasn’t gain the respect like other most chosen career paths but recently there is huge spurge of interest is attained by so many people to become a writer because it has versatile career options to become a lot of other roles.

Next time when you watch a movie or shows do look out for credentials for script writer/ ad writer/ script editor and many more in many fields.

Writing as a career is not confined to an author, it has many more moderate paying job roles.

Do comment on what other job roles do you know when we choose writing as a career.

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Write you soon!

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