World: Before Dying,Make your social media profile public

We talk and stalk so much after someone is dead an unnatural way. But when the person is alive no body cares even if the person jokingly says he/she wants to die. Its hard to recognise the trigger points of sucide or what a person constantly struggles 24/7 in his/her mind. The one thing that we can do is openly talk about and not just make a carefree attitude when there is a failure or disturbances in the life of our closed one.

Most important thing nowadays is not discussing the failures, they just boost about their success but they hardly share that how many times did they had a point, where they felt this is not going to work and I am Never gonna be successful. These points do occur in day to day life also.

We feel hopeless, worthless and there are days where we hardly find any motivation to keep doing what you are doing or even to work.

Just analyse, how often do we talk or share our failures with our parents, kids or friends. Its hard to share sometimes because you feel the world is progressing at super speed and your grip on anything you are working is going out of hand and you feel ashamed of yourself to share that you didn’t keep up with the pace at world’s speed.

The most funniest thing about this stupid world, when a person is dead they will instantly search his social media profiles on all available platform and try to find the answers after his/her death that why did he/she died? Was his/her life so miserable that sucide was the only option?

It’s so hard to live life that some of us decide to end it unnatural way. Its their choice to escape the speed of the world. Its their choice to kill the haunting gulp in their throat to speak about their failures of the most important things in their life.

It’s Sarcastic that people want to scroll or talk about positivity when you are not alive in this world.

So keep your social media profile public before dying because people are gonna talk and discuss about you more when you are not around.

Now here comes the most important thing about death, there is no one in this world who will mourn about you for days, except your parents if you choose to leave them behind. Because they will be alive to listen to all that everyone is talking about you.

As parents, every parent has a choice to keep the pregnancy or not, except for some countries, still if your parents chose to have you in this world and raise you as a other human beings than you owe them your life, at least to make yourself survive through the rough path till they are alive on this earth. Not living on their terms but just keep breathing for their sake.

You don’t know their struggle and if you know then even they might have struggled through the rough patch in their life but they survived and raised you as any other human being on this world so you are their achievement, and you don’t have the right to kill yourself because then you are crushing their dreams.

Sometimes its hard to find motivation though I hope this gives you a positive vibe to go through the rough days.

No one cares about your failures and success or if you are alive or dead. So don’t waste the time thinking about the bad days or projects that failed you but think of amazing time you have to create your experiments.

Life changes very quickly, in a very POSITIVE way, if YOU let it.

Lindsey Vonn

Stay positive and motivated.

Stay in touch @Instagram: @therealinfluencer2020

If you want to tell your story or you just need someone to hear you out do drop a message @therealinfluencer2256

Write you soon!

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