The Best ways to utilise Your Self Esteem

Will you be satisfied with one person praising or you have some imaginary number of how many people should praise you.?

Will others praising you boost your worthiness and respect.

Imagine all the flop films, lost matches, lost crops, all the floods, earth quakes, bomb blasts etc. 

Did all the affected people from above stopped living their lives and didn’t achieve anything. 

You know its hard that nowadays we find it so hard to just say it to ourselves that we can do it. We don’t accept That,We just need little more time than others. 

The world is moving at lightning speed and we just want to follow it like a rat race.

Indeed difficult and no wonder most us have very low self esteem and self respect.

The problem with us is that we don’t acknowledge ouselves enough. We don’t say it to ourselves, “I  am proud of that” or “ I am proud that I tried”. 

There will be many who didn’t even try. But we want someone to acknowledge us and we want to listen those proud words from someone else’s mouth.

We have made this society.

We are never introspective and are always looking out in world for the answers of the questions we don’t know.

No one in this world, if you see deeply is without a failure and failure or disappointments are part of life.But it shouldn’t affect our personality. It should not make you think that you are worthless or useless.

You must always think of options to achieve success.

Diverting your energy towards positive direction will only make you think of options to achieve or move towards direction of your goal.

It’s hard to be positive all the time, but take your time to recover from the losses and come back stronger and bolder than before.

Don’t let your failures to consume you and make you hollow but build a tougher shield from your losses thus making an example to others. 

Achieving success after series of failures has its sweetest essence because then people discuss about your failures proudly as an example.

Its hard not to compare our lives with others when you feel low that you don’t know what you are lagging in.

The best way to boost your self esteem is by holding on to your strong points and bye never giving up on what you believe that you can do it.

Because we are all different people, we all have different circumstances, sometimes situations pulls you back and drags you back to the starting point.

But by not giving it up to the situation and taking that first step again to start back from the beginning is going to make you stronger.

Hold on to that positive character of your personality!

Hold on to your self respect, chin up!

Hold on to never giving up on your goal!

Hold on to those positive  Dreams of success!

Hold on Buddy, we are all in the same ocean just in a different boat!

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Wishing you all happiness and success. Keep looking up this space for more motivational posts.

Write you soon!

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