Pyschological Taboo: Crushing The Voice

In 2020 we have spoken about so many taboo’s that we have forgotten about the most important taboo that has been going on since many ages and its the number one still today.

It is ‘Crushing Your own voice’.

As children we wanted to ask so many thing to our parents but we were ignored and sometimes not allowed to ask the why and how and when. We carried this feature in our adulthood also to ignore some things and not talk about the injustice because as kids we were silenced and now as adults some of us chose to be mute.

I have been communicating with a mute person since few months and believe it or not, he speaks more than me. He alerts me with all the wrong happening around me, the point is he speaks more than me. But when I try to put my voice out about any unjust thing happening around, I lack courage and support.

I have so many worries about so many people who depend on me that my voice is crushed. But seeing the wrong also kills me from inside but speaking about the unjust might hurt my loved ones too.

The dilemma is real and like me many must facing this. Its hard to speak. But this is a taboo we have all been brought up with. Our generations and ancestors are psychologically trained to be scared of speaking up. There is no fear is speaking behind somebody’s back but speaking about the unjust is so scary.

Today the platform for speaking about the unfair are so many but proven facts are so less. Even if we speak about something or raise an issue then turning it to a lie is so easy. People will crush you and fabricate your truth to lie, within minutes.

It’s hard to stand up for something and it’s hard to survive in this unjust society, in a ethical way. I think the world is going to have a disastrous end, it would be unimaginably cruel.

Can we all survive ethical way? Is it so hard to earn bread and butter by not doing anything illegally or unethically?

I donot know, how people who do wrong things or who do business unethically, sleep peacefully but I cannot see the unjust things and sleep peacefully. It’s disturbing and hard to live and I cannot imagine that my kids will enter this wishfully wrong world.

Why is it some people want to procure Money in wrong way and it’s so much traumatising to see other people work so hard to achieve the Right way.

It is unjust, but our voices are crushed.

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