The Buzz and Fuzz about Turmeric Milk, True or Untrue?

Take the health drink you use for your child or for yourself, just check the amount of sugars added in it. And now think about the number of scoops you add to your milk. I bet it will be more than one spoon of sugar. Its impossible to create any health drink taste so good without adding sugars to it, plus the amount of gluten in it is an another story to tell.

So if your child can consume the artificial flavours from that health drink created in some place where you have never been to check the hygiene. Plus the amount of snacks we give our kids, do you find it difficult to create a habit of drinking turmeric milk so difficult.

In 2017 mid February, my 3.3 year old son started having mild symptoms of cough and high fever for 5 days, after a round anti-biotics, he was fine for 20 days, but then again fever and coughing was intense, where we could hear the sound of mucus trapped in his lungs. There was a X ray needed to be done and we were told our son had pneumonia, despite finishing a course of antibiotics just 20 days back, he was now on a different brand of antibiotics. As a mother it was hurting me to see my child so sick, puking and unable to swallow solid food. His recovery was not an easy thing but I decided that and then, I am going to work on building the immunity for my children and I think that is the best thing we can gift our children.

As soon as my son turned One just like all the mothers plus the Ad of pediasure pleased me so much with building immunity thing and all, I started giving my son pediasure when he was around 15 months old. He didn’t like the taste but I kept pushing it to give him and make him healthy, as at that time I believed health comes out of a box. But he was falling sick during that time period but everyone told me its common, kids to fall sick every now and then, that’s how they build immunity, (what the experienced mothers in my family kept saying me). The problem I faced with my son was he would constantly get congested cough in his lungs. He was allergic to dust and he would be sneezing every now and then.

But in 2017 when he had pneumonia, It was an alarm ringing in my head and heart that there has to something I must to long term to prevent this. I cannot let my son to grow like this or being sick every time with the cough.

That’s when I started making small changes in his daily life. After finishing the second round of antibiotics, the mucus was not cleared, I made him vomit the mucus every morning till 3 or 4 days, till he coughed clear without a sound of mucus. Plus the steam inhalation, worked wonders together.

After everything was cleared, I started giving him turmeric milk with half spoon of sugar in it and he drank it, he still drinks it every day and with him my younger son 2.5 years old also drinks it.

We never give a thought about adding the number of scoops of health drinks Brought from store but adding a spoon of sugar to turmeric milk is made a fuzz about. Some claim that adding sugar to turmeric milk won’t work, but I say it does. After 2017, my son never got cough with mucus congested in his lungs. He does get cold and sneezing but never cough or congestion. A simple habit but a boon from past 3 years and counting.

The thing with turmeric or any Ayurvedic product is you have to be consistent, follow it religiously and it works wonders. I know turmeric has many other benefits and as Indians we consume it through varied dishes, but this is the best form where there is no oil added. I might unlock many other benefits later with my kids but this one I must share.

Health benefits of turmeric milk you must know

  • Boost immunity. … 
  • Reduces inflammation and joint pain. … 
  • Prevents cell damage. … 
  • Promotes digestion. … 
  • Help improve memory and promote brain function. … 
  • Helps in elevating mood. … 
  • Fights respiratory issues. … 
  • Provides glow to the skin.

Its is very safe to drink turmeric milk on daily basis and don’t be hesitant to add sugar to your kids turmeric milk just for them to get used to it.

Another important benefit of turmeric milk is you will save a good amount of money not buying the health drinks.

You can always buy turmeric from store but you can be make it yourself at home if you have time.

How to Prepare turmeric Powder:

  • Take the turmeric roots from the vegetable section.
  • Wash them thoroughly clean to remove all the mud over them.
  • If you wish for a very fine powder peel them.
  • Dry them under the sun for 7 days if its peak summer or it may take 10 days of sun.
  • Make fine powder and store it in your favourite container.

Making at home takes out the doubt of being adulterated food.

We really have to think about the simple changes we can bring in to our life to bring back our health. It’s important to read the ingredients before we buy anything from store. Its is much more important now in this pandemic situation where we lost so many innocent lives.

Thus the best thing we can give our children before they are grown into adults and thrown into a another pandemic is the good health and a stronger immunity, Which definitely does not come out of the box.

Stay healthy and safe!

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