‘A lonely wolf dies, but the pack survives’. Is it?

It is shocking to see the brightest startup idea creator was so closed to committing suicide. It is hard to see the millionaire has already succumbed his life to suicide. A Fourteen year old teenager wants to end his life because of hatred the child receives on social media.

It’s 2020 and world has taken a super spin but also a pause on the regular life. Everything seems to be emotional, heartbreaking and unworthy. Relationship have taken toll with more breakups than hookups. We always keep searching to do things that would make us competitive with the world and that is the reason many of us think that they are not good enough and then succumb to death through suicide or end up taking depression and anxiety pills.

When I saw the person who had the most different and innovative startup, started by a women posting on the social media that few months ago she had written a suicide letter and was very close to killing herself, but is now taking professional help to cure herself and is been put on a medication. Its heart breaking because months ago I followed her because I wanted to be like her or at least take a step forward towards my goal.

Then the greater thinking let me into the research that it’s not only her there are many who are on the verge of ending their life. But “why” comes the question.

Ask yourself when you did you last had a thought to kill yourself, because even a thought of killing yourself is not a healthy thought but we naturally get it, don’t blame yourself for getting it.

The answer to this question is self worth and how strong your self worth is.

Self worth is a trait we get around the age of 10 or 11. It’s a strong desire within ourselves to prove the world that we are going to enter the adult world soon, so as a kid you start building up your self worth. You do little things at home first to gain that popularity and try to be the favourite of your parents and then you spread your wings towards the outside world, trying to be the most wanted person in the group.

Now there would be many like me who were never a part of group, but always wanted to be felt important in the outside world. There must be many who tried to fit in a group but could never dare the tasks the group tries to do and couldn’t keep up to their pace with their peers and thus left alone.

Now this loneliness might pull many into feeling of being unworthy but actually its not being unworthy, it is actually being different and not fitting into the group.

Now as soon as we reach out to fit into the outside world we grasp on fitting into a group because we are still stuck with the ideology ‘A lone wolf dies, the pack survives”. We have a constant pressure to fit into a group, of being accepted the way we are and to be know by group rather than our own self. Even if the groups ideology doesn’t match, you just suppress your thoughts and project your support to the group you are in. With the only fear of being alone.

There are many who start something new and doesn’t belong to any patriarchy or a simple group of friends but there is that fear in them of not being accepted and being trolled. We think if we are in a group then we would be less trolled or goofed because group is always there to back us up.

This is one of the most important reason for suicides at any age, lack of acceptance and fear of being alone/different.

The most important thing here is to understand that if the roots are strong enough then the tree won’t break or fall to the strongest storm. Its the roots that matter.

As a kid if you always focused on being fit into a group then constant rejection would make depressed and one day so much depression will take control of your body and you would be forced to take the pills.

Just never think about a lonely wolf because may be the lonely died since he was not witty enough to save himself. We just need air, water and intelligence for our survival and not the group. Definitely society plays a important role in our life but a kind society would accept you the way you are and you don’t have to change yourself to fit in.

  • Don’t keep searching for the right group to fit.
  • Don’t make yourself a person you’re not, just to be a part of group.
  • Don’t make your happiness attached to other people’s presence/absence.

All we need is to normalise the society where being happy alone is accepted and not questioned or trolled.

Only self confusion leads to unhappiness.

Happiness is a choice and it’s not attached to any person, place or thing in fact it is within ourself, if we just chose to be the way we are.

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