Why Valentines Day will make you Question Everything?

On this valentines day, on this such a big day if being a couple or in relationship, if you haven’t posted a picture of you as a couple or if you haven’t endorsed the lavish gifts like others. Then Congratulations you are on the path of becoming rich and smart. This is how crap the digital world being an responsible adult as an individual I don’t really find any point in posting a picture as couple just today as showing love towards each other because this is the preface we are showing the teenagers on all the social media platform. Teenagers would just blindly follow the trend of appealing each other of their love with material gifts and just to show the world that how on this day love is nicely packed in a bouquet of flowers or some jewellery or watches or perfumes or chocolates or cakes or some very silly things.

I am 30 and in a very stable relationship yet I never found it appealing to celebrate this one day for love or gifts. I used to find it very disturbing and weird that why do people act so stupid in schools and colleges. I know there is surge of hormones going in the minds of the teenagers but yet I think who projected the idea of bouquet or all the other stupid crap of things people give each other and then just want to show it publicly and make a day out of it.

If you google search what actually Valentine’s Day is then it evolves nothing closer or romance or love. The history of Valentine’s Day involves fertility, sex, blood, and war. Well after Shakespeare turned all these dark reality into Romance and Love but we all know Shakespeare’s Novel all great in fantasy and not in reality.

After Shakespeare came a very drastic change into the world that is Social media which anplified Shakespeare’s fantasy and magnified his way of romance and love. Love is a basic emotion just like anger, hunger, thirst, sleep and pain. It is enhanced by daily habits and it will never fit into one day.

Imagine can you drink 5 gallons of water in one day and remain thirsty for whole week, month or year. Love is just like that. You might feel too overwhelmed by all the exaggeration going around you but hold on, all these will blow away within 24 hours. The one’s who got diamond or all the expensive crap going beyond their financial capabilities will keep paying it monthly payments.

It is hard not getting affected by all that’s happening today but keep your sane today because nobody in this world can measure their love on this one day. If you and your partner haven’t gifted each other anything today then well and good to remember the last time you bought each other something or having a good laugh about the exaggeration is also kind of a day well spent.

If you have the person you love alive, healthy and with you is more then any luxury. But if you have lost the person you love and reading this I hope you are relieved that Love is not measured by the exaggeration through social media.

True Love is enriching each other’s soul. The best gift you can give your Loved one is knowledge, respect, kindness, hope, smile, a very good joke to laugh together whole heartedly.

Hope you all a wonderful Valentine’s day with or without being on social media.

Write you Soon,

The real influencer

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