Five things you must Know before you Quit Your Passion

As human being passion is the driving force of life, when we are young following rules seems to be easy and achieving somethings doesn’t look that hard because we have trainers, coaches or teachers to teach us when we are young and they keep our determination intact because we meet them every day.

As soon as we become adults, self sufficient, in one word we could say ‘Independent’, we get confused whether to follow our passion or not, we start evaluating our passion’s worth in terms of money, success and fame.

Some of us do start working towards their passion, but they stop the consistency, as they don’t get the desired result or recognition with in that period and some eventually give up.

I could say in very simple terms that your passion is like reading a difficult book, it is hard to understand at first and after reading few pages you give up, then from some where the driving force comes and you pick up that difficult book again but again you give up because of some distraction. So this process goes on and passion never becomes a serious thing for you to complete it at least for the sake of knowledge and experience.

This happens with everyone and each one of us is hesitant whether or not our dream passion is a worthy thing to follow. The self doubt always kicks in and starts tormenting us with the thoughts whether we should spend time on that thing or not.

So if you are experiencing the self doubt, uncertainty, about the passion your are working on then please keep telling yourself these FIVE things to yourself from time to time, so that your are always working towards your dream work.

1.Passion is a dream for now but you have to take the first step daily.

If you don’t work towards your passion then it will always remain difficult and it will always sound stupid to others because dreams are dreams and work is the visible truth. Imagine if you have pets at home, if you show them love one day and other days you don’t even bother to look at your pet, definitely you won’t get the attachment you expect from your pet in the end. Thus always treat your passion as a living thing and don’t think of it as a dream and work towards it daily. You have to do just one thing towards goal and these daily smallest amount of time energy you spent your goal or passion will definitely give you confidence to keep working on. It will make you believe that your passion is not a dream but Reality.

2. Your Passion will eventually get boring.

Yes, Yes, Yes, your passion will eventually get boring. Not only humans, all the creatures on this world get bored by doing the same thing. That’s the reason most people keep changing their jobs for every 2 to 3 years because they are in the search of that driving force which makes them enthusiastic towards the same work. They might be working in the same field, same designation but the change of atmosphere sparks up their productivity levels. Thus remember this is most important phase towards your Goal as boredom will lead you to quitting but imagine breaking a house your were building for so many days or months or years and breaking it. This boredom is the turning point towards your passion and that is the test of dedication. So don’t give up on the passion mere out of boredom. So next time on one of those days when you feel bored to work towards your targeted path just keep reminding yourself that the particular day is the test of dedication and you must not give up on what you believe you can achieve.

3. Lack of Inspiration

All the work in this world is the outcome of some inspiration the person derived from some where else but the particular passion you have started on your journey might have inspired you in the beginning but now you must be finding it hard to believe that it is achievable as in the beginning you were inspired by the person, idea or object is now giving you no clue that how to move forward. This can cause serious damage to your will power, Goal, desire to work but it is up to us, from where to find the inspiration. Reaching the highest peak of the mountain requires consistency, stability, strength and vision. Thus finding a source of inspiration some times might come from very ordinary person, just by listening to their point of view. Don’t be mad that you don’t have an originality some times its ok if your work is not up to the mark and you might find it not the best work of yours but then even the technology crashes after an overload of work, may be the lack of inspiration you are feeling might be because of over exhausting work you might be doing. So it is ok to feel not inspired on some days.

4. Never assess your passion to be of any value like money, success or fame.

A recent Instagram and Youtube sensation never knew that he would be world famous in few months. The guy just kept making content, working towards his passion, each day he made music videos which made some laughs in the initial gigs but then one day he hit the jackpot and that one particular video just got million shares and views within a day. But did he asses his value before reaching this point, No. He didn’t even dream of a Million number but he achieved because he followed the first three points and kept making the content daily and that one day he got the perfect combination of lyrics, rhythm and music. So do not assess your work in any of the frame like money, success or fame because these things come unexpectedly.All these three can be achieved by any job but if you are following your passion then the path might be harder for many of us, so these things must not discourage you working towards it. Most of us are tortoise in the race, think like that, we must not stop believing, that the value to our passion might come sooner or later but it will come, just never put a number to that.

5.Mistakes makes you Wiser.

There must be many people who are the same path, just like your idea, work and goal, all might be same but yet your passion is different than the others. This difference is the mistakes you make on this journey. The mistakes always takes you one level up and not down, because mistakes triggers the intellectual cells in your brain and makes your alert, cautious towards the rest of journey. Imagine you are driving the car and going for a long drive, suddenly you just overdrive a speed breaker, that definitely shakes the car, you and your mind thus making you alert for the next of your journey. Some of our goals might be same but how we achieve it, what ideas we generate to reach our goal is what makes it different. This all comes through experience, hardwork, dedication towards achieving the goal even after making some mistakes which occur occasionally.

Skills are cheap. Passion is priceless

Gary Vaynerchuk

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