Why Selling on Social Media is Scarier than the Clowns?

Just imagine in 2018-19 when you need information about studying a digital marketing course, what would you do. You would just google and find a choice or ask your friends. Now when you google for information about a course and you still get a lot on google than after sometime when you open your social media, and start scrolling you will find the ads for the digital marketing courses on instagram or Facebook.

I didn’t recognise this patten initially, but now its obvious. I am surprised by the number of people have expertise in digital marketing and they have created a course of their own hacks and methods of digital marketing, then selling them. The typical pattern they follow is no information is free and once you attend their workshop which you pay for a minimum amount. Then at the end of each workshop you will get an upgrade to the next level of their workshop which is an expensive upgrade. They just again frame our mind with telling us that it’s life time access and they will support till we get a job or end up becoming like one of them.

When I realised this pattern, I had a good joke of my own to laugh about. When I was young, the salesman used to come very often selling a mop, detergent powder, vegetable chopper and so many other things.

Now the same kind of salesmen are selling things they have created, on our social media feeds and walls. The worst part is there is no option for ad free Facebook or ad free instagram.

Then I thought may be very soon, instagram and Facebook will start membership, just like Netflix, prime and YouTube, to show a ad free content of our known people.

Initially I thought it was silly to think like that, then I was reading a book called Deep work by Cal Newport, has a theory in which New York University professor Neil Postman who was a communication theorist in 1990 had published that our society is going to be in trouble because of technology, though in those period the computer revolution had just begun. Those days, internet revolution didn’t begun but yet he said that and I admire his forecast.

So may be my forecast is going to be correct and the social media might become paid apps when the people just think of how to make more money than this idea would become a boom of income to the app owners.

While reading this book Deep Work, I was also enlightened by the information about how in future the deep work is going to be valued, with these easy money making trends through internet, technology and social media, the value for the knowledge and deep analysis of work style is going to surpass the rapid speed technology too.

Also people selling and making their course is actually degrading the value for all the courses. The real life truth is after spending so much of money on a course we still stand in a competitive world, where we have to work for the survival, that is not going change.

The worst part I feel about technology is that most of us use it and become lazy. Most of our energy is drained through social media and shallow work. We keep searching for the shortcut to success and easy money making, which is making these social media teachers grab the opportunity of making each of their courses, each making you feel like that it is a one time opportunity to success, fame and money making.

I can just say,Think twice before paying, be sure before that final click.

Knowledge Before Acknowledge.

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the real influencer

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