Three Things You Must Remember When You Feel DoubtFul Of Your Chosen Path

Being doubtful, worried, anxious in the mid way towards your dream is not wrong. You might have chosen your dream work or you might be doubtful about choosing your dream. Thinking about the comfort, you are experiencing now.

You might have a comfortable job. Which may, or may not be your dream path. Your goals might be different from your current position.

Then the doubt arises, should I do it or not. The risk of being unsuccessful. The anxiety about failure kicks in. The self doubt shoots up when life gets boring while chasing you dream work.

I would say everything is normal. You just have to find a way out. A way to be sure to do things.

Rule 1:

Set a desired amount of time for your goal achievement. Like give it a 6months or year’s time to your dream/goals. Aim to achieve that in that desired amount of time. So if your quitting your job, make sure you have that much amount savings in your bank account to survive and get through that time. You have to give 100% dedication towards your goal achievement. The complete use of your time must be focused towards your success and ways to achieve, without any distraction, not even social media.

Rule 2:

If you are not in a situation to take a break from your current job or you have to find some work for your daily bread and butter. Then squeeze in an hour or two, to give a deep work towards your dream. You have to discipline yourself to do this. As one day you are hoping this to be your full time work. So doing little deep work daily is important and will help you in long term.

Rule 3:

Getting disappointed is one thing you must remember, will always come in everybody’s life. Your work might not be liked or acknowledged by everyone. You might not get the amount of love for your work you expected. It might have taken weeks or months to showcase your best work, but it might not be received in a good way to the audience. Disappointment seeks in. Remember disappointment is a massive emotion. It is an emotion that throws you out of the league. We are all doing the same amount of work to thrive, these little disappointments, grabs us down, pulls us out of the league. It creates such a havoc in our mind that we never find that courage to stand up and put up a show.

So keep fighting. Don’t stop that learning curve. There is always a scope for reviewing your work.

Reviewing your work gives you an analysis to grow and enhance your work.

There is nothing impossible to achieve until we get disappointed.Resentment kills our passion.

Stay positive. Kick that disappointment off. Find ways to review and enhance.

The most important thing is, keep reading positive articles, books to keep your hopes up and disappointments at bay.

Have a day full of hopes.

Thank you for reading!

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