Is The Anger Of The Indian Citizens On the Indian Government, Justified?

Photo by Nandhu Kumar from Pexels

 I saw the an article stating, that it is a Tsunami of Corona in India. I so disagree with this point. As any natural disaster which occurs in any part of the world is so unexpected. People and Government usually find no time to evacuate a certain place of natural disaster and Government does its remedial work after the event has occurred. 

If the series of death numbers happening in India, had occurred in march 2020. I would have agreed on the title that it is a Tsunami in India of corona. But after a year into this pandemic. After some serious lockdown last year and controlling the situation so amazingly well in such a highly populated country. 

Today we are in a terrible state of loosing young lives not because of corona but due to 

  1. lack of oxygen
  2. lack of medicine
  3. lack of health care facilities
  4. lack of coordination
  5. lack of unity among the politician
  6. lack of common sense by conducting rallies and allowing Kumbh mela to happen
  7. corrupt government at each and every level of governance including gram panchayat.                             

As I write this there are many states internally and remotely allowing people for marriage and other functions to happen, beyond the stated limitations.
We are taxed at each and every purchase in India.

We are checked and verified by Income Tax Department if we do illegal transactions.
We were forced to buy internet connections to work from home and increase the capitalism of the country.

Many lost their jobs who couldn’t work from home.

Many are in debts for life because they couldn’t earn enough to keep their families needs intact.

Many small business had to incur heavy losses because they had to provide their employees facilities to work from home.

Implications of bad Governance in April 2021

The government must have started the setup of oxygen plants and ventilator need in march 2020 itself in each and every state.
But it didn’t.
As a result we lost lives of many who were not supposed to die. This was not their fate. This death was a strangulation by government who would never be blamed or accused.

We are asked our Aadhaar card, voter id and what not documents for verification for a simple purchase of any expensive goods or a SIM card.

Do we ever ask for transparency from our government?

Do we ever question why journalist don’t acknowledge the work that has not been done by government, but journalist will bombard on government after the common man has suffered.

Why the actors, many prestigious MLAs who are in the legislative assembly, in this past year never questioned or suggested the government about that what if situation worsened.

Why no person inside the government blowed the whistle so that we could have been alert or pressurised government to do what they must have done?
In the end, do we follow politics?
Do we question why we are still a developing country?
Do we question some of the necessities we deserve aren’t provided by the country?
Do we question why capitalism is favoured in India?

These deaths of the people of are going to ghost all of us for a long time for not questioning at the right moment.
I am not saying it would be different scenario if there was some other party in the governance. It would be exact same situation any person was the prime minister.
The situation in India would be exactly same even when the next pandemic would hit us. We would be exactly like this unprepared, worried, anxious and in search of answers.
It is a high time that the way government official are elected and govern us needs to be changed.

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