3 Simple Habits For Sustainable Living

Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

 What is Sustainable Living?

The Simplest way I can explain You Sustainable Living is reducing the waste generated by us consciously or subconsciously. 
After reading this article when you sit down and give a thought about how much waste you are generating per day and then multiply by 365 days. It is a shocking number for a single person’s trash to be carried by Mother Earth.  Today most of the waste we generate is non decomposable, some recyclable but many just become a mountain of trash, which our children might trek on in future, the natural mountains won’t be there for them to trek or even view.
Yes Imagine a world full of mountains of trash. Mountains created by plastic bottles, non-recycled trash, non decomposable waste making a huge hill. 
The human population won’t stop increasing but the trash we generate could be analysed and controlled if we act now and from today. 
You might be thinking sustainable living is hard or some might go and throw all the plastic in their homes irresponsibly now itself. 
But that’s the thing we can intellectually reuse, recycle, and make simple changes in our lifestyle towards sustainable Journey. 
Yes, sustainability is a journey. It is a habit you have to form for life just like healthy eating, exercise or reading. 
It would be hard. You might make mistakes but never give up. 
If you did a mistake or couldn’t avoid the purchase of plastic, the least you can do in that case is don’t dump it irresponsibly. Look for the options for recycle or reuse. 

Lets come to the 3 Simple habit which I started first on my Sustainable Journey.

  • Carry Your Own Water Bottle: Thirst is uncontrollable and a drastic purchase we do when we are thirsty, is buying a packaged drinking water bottle. The packaged drinking water bottle is usually recyclable and But rarely reused. Packaged drinking water companies also generate tons of pollution which is causes irreplaceable damage to the land and water reserves. So carrying your own water bottle made of metal will save you money and step you up towards the  your sustainable Journey. Also you can refill your bottle as when drinking water is accessible to you.  

  • Menstrual cups: As women we generate waste on our monthly cycle each month. It is the waste that is hard to decompose and the amount of trash we have already dumped is going to take more than 300 years to decompose. We are leaving a ghastly scars on earth by using pads each month. Menstrual cups are a very much comfortable, travel friendly, least maintained option we can have during our work, workout and any heavy physical activity. If you are comfortable with new cloth pads option available then it is much more sustainable than the cups. Read more about how use Menstrual cups here-https://therealinfluencer.in/2020/08/20/say-no-to-your-pads-today/Quit Your Face wash: The habit of using a branded chemically formulated face wash has just become a habit to us. The habit which creates a tube or bottle for each of us every month which  will stay in the trash mountain for 100 years.  So what is the replacement for this. You can use chickpea flour/besan and 1/2 tea spoon of turmeric will cleanse your face as effectively as a face wash. You can also use shikakai/soap nut powder+1/2 tea spoon of turmeric also a replacement for this. If you have a sensitive skin then do according to your convenience and research or doctor’s advice.

  • Cloth Diapers: My most favourite shift and followed it through two kids in last 8 years, also suggested my friends to do it. Cloth diapers were my first choice when I started this journey towards the sustainable living.
    If you have  more ideas towards the easy shift towards sustainable living option do comment and spread the knowledge to others and me.  

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