Five Insane Questions Mom’s Face During Interviews

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We are in 2021. We have seen many examples of women being welcomed back to the workforce gracefully in many MNCs. I mean, the career gaps do create a dilemma in the recruiters mind but still I feel pathetic when I hear the same question being asked so many times and not being hired.

I started looking for a job, in the beginning of 2020. Before the lockdown was announced. I was extensively attending the interviews till march 2020. Some I rejected due to the less package offered and some I felt pathetic after answering the silly question. 

I am a mother of two boys, One is 8 year old and the younger one is going to be three year old this month. 

As mothers and specifically being a mother in 2021, the work culture is norm for us even after being a mother. You don’t feel worthy enough if you don’t earn for yourself. Today basic education is common to all mums. So it’s a great deal of competition when you start finding your place after a long maternity gap. 

I was working till 2018. Till the day before I went into labour and gave birth to my son. But despite having the bare minimum break of 2 years of career gap. I was feeling ashamed to uplift myself to face that one more interview. 

Yeah that happens to many I know. We as mothers are offered less salary after a career gap. We have to literally start as a fresher after the mommy break we took to look after a child, who will be a baby for very little time. We are in constant pressure year after year till our kids are in school, to decide for the right time to get back to the workforce. 

I mean why has this society made it so hard to accept the mere fact that we are the most worried person in the whole world about our child. We take all the precautions before stepping out of our home towards work. We leave our babies in the best, safe and affordable care before we plan to go out for work.

So When you read the below questions, you will definitely have a laughing riot, and it will also prepare you for your funniest interviews. So here it goes,

Question no.1: Will you have more kids?

Question No.2: Who will take care of your child, when you are at work?

Question No.3: If we hire you, you will take sick leave even when your child is sick, isn’t it?

Question No.4: Are you a single mother? Is your Partner supportive of you working?

Question No.5: Will You be ok with working late for an important project?

I mean yeah, people are interested in this more than the skills I have. I know there are many companies who have great hiring teams. But this was like a slap on my face for being a mother. I mean do we have less mommy guilt to take all these horrible questions to answer. I have a really supportive partner who tells me to work for myself and start something on your own. But I  do wonder many times how other mommies made it back to the workforce. 

How I answered those Insane Questions?

Generally I am a straight forward person. So I didn’t give an elaborated answer so either it’s Yes or No.

Never Over explain these kind of unrelated questions to your work.

The more you explain. The more they want to ask.

Yes or No creates a full stop to these chain of pain in the head question.                                Especially the employer who asked me if I am a single mother and if my partner is supportive or not? I did answer the specific question but when I came back home. I told my husband even if this company hires me at the best package I won’t work. 

Because, I admire mothers who are single or with partner. It’s a tough task. It must not be asked. 

It is not the employer’s headache how we take care of our home, Right!

Suggestions To Mums Who are Planning To Get Back To Work Life:

  • Upgrade your Skills: Attend some kind of Masterclass and upgrade your skills, so you can avoid these questions being asked. That’s what helped me. When I updated my Resume with new skills learnt, these questions were less asked. LinkedLearning, Udemy and many more 
  • Work From Home Internships:  They do create a huge impact. They pay you less and a bit of an overworked job. But you get a hands -on experience of the recent work norm and skills. This also creates a blind fold to the baby aspect of our life. Internshala is an example. There are many.

If you made it pass these questions or more insane questions than this, please do leave a comment and share your views. 

Also mommies who have tips to answer the above questions, will be waiting for your funny and quirky answers too. 

All the best to the mommies who are finding work.

I hope this changes and we do our part to create a better world for our children.

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