Review about Sweet Tooth,Netflix Series

I was amazed to see that Sweet Tooth was trending within a week of its release.
The name put me up to a lot of speculations as to what this series could be of. The content has given me chills and great insight.
The first thought that came to my mind was about the mind-blowing imagination of the writer and the team.
We are already stuck in a pandemic and imagining another worst pandemic with a twist of hybrid, it must have taken a lot of mental energy to come up with such unique content.
The actors have put correspondingly amazing skills on the screen and have done full justice to the storyline and narration.
You will instantly fall in love and have a connection with each actor in the series.
The simply ignored factor in our daily life is the environment. Thus what helps us to get out of the pandemic is the environment. This ignorance has been beautifully visualized to show us our mistakes which we should be focusing on.
The importance of food, water and basic necessity over the current materialistic achievement of the human is showcased.
What I liked about Sweet Tooth is, nothing is exaggerated or faked. Every minute of the series is filled with emotions, compassion.
It is definitely worth watching the show with your whole family.
Yes, you can watch this show with your family as there is no single scene of obscenity.
The kids will also know the importance of the environment and the effects of negligence.
If you have already watched the show then comment below what was your experience watching the Sweet Tooth.
If you haven’t then Go watch now and leave a comment later.
If any team member of Sweet Tooth is reading this then I would like to say thank you for this creation.
We are eagerly waiting for the next season.
My Rating:5/5

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