All about the book “ 7 secrets of Vishnu”

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Well, I am not a person of mythology.

The very related book I have read about mythology is Amish’s The immortals of Meluhas.

Since I completed my Life Coach certification, I felt a sudden urge to fill my spiritual quench.

I randomly picked my first book towards enlighting my mythological knowledge.

What I found in this book is a treasure. Yes, after finishing this book, I found what I was looking for.

The immense respect for the author and the intense research he must have undergone to write this is unimaginable.

The book is so easy to absorb and make it relatable to the current reality.

I am at more peace with the present world as this book adequately shows the past and history which helps us see the reality of now.

The difference we have to adopt is to create a balance between material reality and spiritual reality.

Society starts to have turbulence when there is no stability between both realities.

So it is a book that will awaken you to see the truth, if you want to see it then this book has the answers to it.

This book is a must-read for everyone who is struck with the question of why the world is this way?

Those who have a question of why people behave weirdly?

So Go read this one for an incredible spiritual refinement. Click the link below to start your read towards spiritual journey.

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