All about the book “ 7 secrets of Vishnu”

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Well, I am not a person of mythology.

The very related book I have read about mythology is Amish’s The immortals of Meluhas.

Since I completed my Life Coach certification, I felt a sudden urge to fill my spiritual quench.

I randomly picked my first book towards enlighting my mythological knowledge.

What I found in this book is a treasure. Yes, after finishing this book, I found what I was looking for.

The immense respect for the author and the intense research he must have undergone to write this is unimaginable.

The book is so easy to absorb and make it relatable to the current reality.

I am at more peace with the present world as this book adequately shows the past and history which helps us see the reality of now.

The difference we have to adopt is to create a balance between material reality and spiritual reality.

Society starts to have turbulence when there is no stability between both realities.

So it is a book that will awaken you to see the truth, if you want to see it then this book has the answers to it.

This book is a must-read for everyone who is struck with the question of why the world is this way?

Those who have a question of why people behave weirdly?

So Go read this one for an incredible spiritual refinement. Click the link below to start your read towards spiritual journey.

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Review about Sweet Tooth,Netflix Series

I was amazed to see that Sweet Tooth was trending within a week of its release.
The name put me up to a lot of speculations as to what this series could be of. The content has given me chills and great insight.
The first thought that came to my mind was about the mind-blowing imagination of the writer and the team.
We are already stuck in a pandemic and imagining another worst pandemic with a twist of hybrid, it must have taken a lot of mental energy to come up with such unique content.
The actors have put correspondingly amazing skills on the screen and have done full justice to the storyline and narration.
You will instantly fall in love and have a connection with each actor in the series.
The simply ignored factor in our daily life is the environment. Thus what helps us to get out of the pandemic is the environment. This ignorance has been beautifully visualized to show us our mistakes which we should be focusing on.
The importance of food, water and basic necessity over the current materialistic achievement of the human is showcased.
What I liked about Sweet Tooth is, nothing is exaggerated or faked. Every minute of the series is filled with emotions, compassion.
It is definitely worth watching the show with your whole family.
Yes, you can watch this show with your family as there is no single scene of obscenity.
The kids will also know the importance of the environment and the effects of negligence.
If you have already watched the show then comment below what was your experience watching the Sweet Tooth.
If you haven’t then Go watch now and leave a comment later.
If any team member of Sweet Tooth is reading this then I would like to say thank you for this creation.
We are eagerly waiting for the next season.
My Rating:5/5

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5 Books To Read When You Feel Lonely

Books have their way to heal. Yes, 78% of book readers never fall into depression.
90% of readers are more creative and analytical thinkers.
So, if you don’t have a reading habit this is the best time to start.
Covid or not. Life always goes on at its own pace. There are times when we think everything is getting monotonous.
Thus books take you through a world of secrets and unexpected scenarios.
The very thing about books is that the options are in millions.
There will be no way that you go out of choices.
I have often found myself confused in book shopping. I always go with a list to buy and end up with more.
If you are a first-time reader then start with shorter novellas. The novellas are basic less than a 100-page novel.
You will feel the motivation of finishing a novel faster and the hunger to read the next one will increase.
Then comes the choice of fiction and non-fiction.
This choice depends on our personality and knowledge.
I don’t disregard non-fiction as baseless or only entertaining. I have found much non-fiction with the greatest teaching about life.
Most people who want to start a reading habit get overwhelmed by the drastic choices they have.
So this blog post will make your reading journey hassle-free.
These books are so close to my heart and they have changed me as a person.
The magical power of reading is only experienced when you form a reading habit.
If you are a first-time reader then before reading please remember no book is a bad book. Every book teaches you something. When you read with this perspective you will always find books as the best teacher you can find anywhere in the world.
So check out my list of suggestion and do read them. I would be waiting for your feedback on how you felt after reading these treasures.

  • Life is what you make it by Preeti Shenoy: A soul touching story about a girl’s survival journey with bipolar disorder. Link to read the book.
  • Ikigai The Japanese Secret to a long and happy life by Hector Gracia and Frances Miralles: A beautiful book describing the real meaning towards a happy. After reading this book you can prioritise that what matters in life. Link to read the book.
  • How to stop worrying and start Living by Dale Carnage: The book has the wittiest and practical solutions to your silliest worries. Yes, a must read this one. Limited-time deal: How to Stop Worrying and Start Living: Time-Tested Methods for Conquering Worry
  • Three Thousand Stitches, Ordinary people and Extraordinary life by Sudha Murthy: An Inspiring story about courage and social work struggle to make a change happen in society. Link to read the book.
  • To kill a mocking bird by Harper Lee: If you are impatient in life and often have anxiety about the future then you must give a try to this gem of books.

Once you finish to come back to this blog and leave a comment about how you felt after reading each book.

Happy reading everyone.

Happy National Reading day.

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Reasons Behind The China’s 3 Child policy

If you think it is a joke to laugh about China’s 3 child policy. If you think they are doing it to cover the loss of lives due to coronavirus. Then you are wrong.

China has periodically been futuristic. Be it the one-child policy or then changing it 2 child policy in 2015 furthermore, now the three child policy after so many deaths due to coronavirus.

Nobody knows the true numbers of death in China. We can’t be sure of the number of death all over the world.

There is a deep aspect to this policy which is an economic aspect.

As an employee of any company or as a consumer, some facts are going to affect us long term. 

China is increasing its birth rate because there is going to be a lack of a consumer market. As with the death of many, the consumption of goods has gone substantially down. Therefore, imagine the following decade, there will be a serious shortage of consumers. Without consumption, there would be no demand.  

Without demand, there would be a downfall in the industrial market for production. 

Less production means more joblessness.

More jobless means economic depression. 

Everything would be cheap yet you will not be able to buy it because the value of money would be high.

So sitting and reading about China’s three child policy also easily wiping it out of your brain.

Don’t do that, they are good at speculations and each of their decision is economically oriented.

The current Indian Economy.

Now let’s come to its closest country, India. India has already announced cheap home loans and business loans since the beginning stages of coronavirus. Now imagine. People will buy homes and start a business in this economically depressed and low consumeristic market.

Will they survive? No, they would just lose homes and business. 

Now let’s come to defaulters. Due to coronavirus, the loss of jobs and suppression of the startups is beyond measure. 

These startups are the defaulters of business loans in banks. Now imagine the number of defaulters all over India. Now presume the number of defaulters all over the world. The world economy is going to crash very soon. 

Promptly, link this to the British Prime minister’s statement, he said they will vaccinate everyone by the end of 2022. Now imagine the amount of damage economically would be staggering by the end of 2022 if it happens by then.

What must we do to be out of this trap?

What we can do? If you think it is a medical emergency, it will take its course to end. 

Presently, the most important thing to do right now is not to invest. Realistically speaking keep the money or the cash flow. 

The value of the cash will be higher as no business will have cash flow due to a shortage of consumers. The amount of consumption would also decrease. 

Do you think Pharma companies are at the gain and being in a pharma industry would be profitable in future? The pandemics happen scarcely. The pharma company even today cannot meet the demands of its consumer. So, if you think they are getting super-rich then think about this.

After this pandemic for the pharma companies, the most significant consumer are the old people, who have died maximum in this pandemic. Yes, pharma companies main customers were the people who are above 50. When the pandemic is over, the eldest customers for medicines wouldn’t be alive to use its products. 

So what do you think after joining the dots? 

It’s hard to speculate the market as to what kind of consumers will be left to start a business. As there would be a lack of money, fewer competitors, fixed prices, fewer jobs.

Some things you must think before entering into a debt post-pandemic:

Don’t enter into new loans as the interest offered by the government is low. Because it’s a trap.

Beginning any business without knowing what type of demographics will be left for your new business is too risky. 

As we don’t know what kind of consumers will survive to buy your products.

So China said yes to the 3 child policy because they will need skilled labour when the market will flourish after one or two decades as in the closest days there would be no consumeristic market.

 What are your thoughts about the market and business? I would love to hear your perspective in the comments below.

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5 Must Read Books for Better Financial Choices

Have you Lost a Job in this Pandemic? Do you have Anxiety about, what if next month also turns out to be a lockdown, you won’t be getting a salary?

I think there are many in this condition. Jobless. Hopelessness about expenses and responsibilities. 

Most find it hard to save 500 rupees each month. Most have a monthly package of expenses exactly matching the amount they earn.

From school until graduation, educators taught us all the concepts according to the syllabus however not a single teacher told us that money is important, save it. 

Most people have stress about the money in this pandemic as no one was prepared for a shut down of their payrolls. No one prepared them to have an emergency fund. 

This pandemic withholds a tag of natural disaster, although it is a different kind. This has shaken many people’s roots. Many have lost the sole earning person in their family and several have spent lakhs of rupees in recovery and treatment. 

What is the general suffering object in all these? It’s the money. It’s all about how financially sound you are. How much savings do you have to spend in these unprecedented events like the pandemic or any natural disaster?

How many months can you sustain yourself and your family members, in an equivalent way to your earlier lifestyle?

2020 was a challenging year. Although 2021 has made things much more critical. We could be better prepared for the next one(hopefully not very soon) with financial literacy. 

Our generation would be the first to be prepared for the next unexplained calamity with financial stability. Any misfortune comes, we must be rooted and stand strong like an old tree. To survive any kind of storm what we need is the secret of financial stability. 

We all can be financially stable. All we need is knowledge about how to save, how much to spend? Where to invest? What is an emergency fund? All this knowledge comes from taking advice from a financially literate person and then creating our plan according to their guidance. 

A person makes decisions according to the economic situations he/she came from. The recession made our parent’s distinct kind of investors. This pandemic will make us choose several kinds of economic decisions and in turn, it will create a distinct kind of economy. It will make us unconventional kind individuals with different kinds of income streams. We will turn into a distinct kind of investor and investment.

Whatever situation you are in today is all because of the financial choices you made in the past. There is a definite advantage of being a Financially Literate person.

So here I have a list of recommendations for being financially knowledgeable through these very simple to read books. 

  1. The Psychology of money by Morgan Housel: The simplest form of a book which will make analyse our past economy and how to handle the unpredictable economic crunch in our life.
  2. Rich Dad and Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki: The old is gold kind of book filled with knowledge and treasure that you unlock once you complete the book.
  3. The richest man in Babylon by George S. Clason: The powerful way of money-making is widely explained in this book. The book points out key measures to save.
  4. The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy: The book purely based on the concept that how decisions make your destiny. The simple financial decisions we take in our day to day life. The neglect we make with our consciousness is very orderly described in this book.
  5. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill: This book is a collection of secrets of famous individuals approach towards saving, investing and their ideas about money.

 Do check out all these books. All are rich books that must be read by each person in the very first days of their professional careers.

I would love to hear your own unique financial choices, kindly share in the comments.

I have a happy news to share. I have have published my first book on kindle. I would love to hear your reviews.


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Five Insane Questions Mom’s Face During Interviews

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We are in 2021. We have seen many examples of women being welcomed back to the workforce gracefully in many MNCs. I mean, the career gaps do create a dilemma in the recruiters mind but still I feel pathetic when I hear the same question being asked so many times and not being hired.

I started looking for a job, in the beginning of 2020. Before the lockdown was announced. I was extensively attending the interviews till march 2020. Some I rejected due to the less package offered and some I felt pathetic after answering the silly question. 

I am a mother of two boys, One is 8 year old and the younger one is going to be three year old this month. 

As mothers and specifically being a mother in 2021, the work culture is norm for us even after being a mother. You don’t feel worthy enough if you don’t earn for yourself. Today basic education is common to all mums. So it’s a great deal of competition when you start finding your place after a long maternity gap. 

I was working till 2018. Till the day before I went into labour and gave birth to my son. But despite having the bare minimum break of 2 years of career gap. I was feeling ashamed to uplift myself to face that one more interview. 

Yeah that happens to many I know. We as mothers are offered less salary after a career gap. We have to literally start as a fresher after the mommy break we took to look after a child, who will be a baby for very little time. We are in constant pressure year after year till our kids are in school, to decide for the right time to get back to the workforce. 

I mean why has this society made it so hard to accept the mere fact that we are the most worried person in the whole world about our child. We take all the precautions before stepping out of our home towards work. We leave our babies in the best, safe and affordable care before we plan to go out for work.

So When you read the below questions, you will definitely have a laughing riot, and it will also prepare you for your funniest interviews. So here it goes,

Question no.1: Will you have more kids?

Question No.2: Who will take care of your child, when you are at work?

Question No.3: If we hire you, you will take sick leave even when your child is sick, isn’t it?

Question No.4: Are you a single mother? Is your Partner supportive of you working?

Question No.5: Will You be ok with working late for an important project?

I mean yeah, people are interested in this more than the skills I have. I know there are many companies who have great hiring teams. But this was like a slap on my face for being a mother. I mean do we have less mommy guilt to take all these horrible questions to answer. I have a really supportive partner who tells me to work for myself and start something on your own. But I  do wonder many times how other mommies made it back to the workforce. 

How I answered those Insane Questions?

Generally I am a straight forward person. So I didn’t give an elaborated answer so either it’s Yes or No.

Never Over explain these kind of unrelated questions to your work.

The more you explain. The more they want to ask.

Yes or No creates a full stop to these chain of pain in the head question.                                Especially the employer who asked me if I am a single mother and if my partner is supportive or not? I did answer the specific question but when I came back home. I told my husband even if this company hires me at the best package I won’t work. 

Because, I admire mothers who are single or with partner. It’s a tough task. It must not be asked. 

It is not the employer’s headache how we take care of our home, Right!

Suggestions To Mums Who are Planning To Get Back To Work Life:

  • Upgrade your Skills: Attend some kind of Masterclass and upgrade your skills, so you can avoid these questions being asked. That’s what helped me. When I updated my Resume with new skills learnt, these questions were less asked. LinkedLearning, Udemy and many more 
  • Work From Home Internships:  They do create a huge impact. They pay you less and a bit of an overworked job. But you get a hands -on experience of the recent work norm and skills. This also creates a blind fold to the baby aspect of our life. Internshala is an example. There are many.

If you made it pass these questions or more insane questions than this, please do leave a comment and share your views. 

Also mommies who have tips to answer the above questions, will be waiting for your funny and quirky answers too. 

All the best to the mommies who are finding work.

I hope this changes and we do our part to create a better world for our children.

3 Simple Habits For Sustainable Living

Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

 What is Sustainable Living?

The Simplest way I can explain You Sustainable Living is reducing the waste generated by us consciously or subconsciously. 
After reading this article when you sit down and give a thought about how much waste you are generating per day and then multiply by 365 days. It is a shocking number for a single person’s trash to be carried by Mother Earth.  Today most of the waste we generate is non decomposable, some recyclable but many just become a mountain of trash, which our children might trek on in future, the natural mountains won’t be there for them to trek or even view.
Yes Imagine a world full of mountains of trash. Mountains created by plastic bottles, non-recycled trash, non decomposable waste making a huge hill. 
The human population won’t stop increasing but the trash we generate could be analysed and controlled if we act now and from today. 
You might be thinking sustainable living is hard or some might go and throw all the plastic in their homes irresponsibly now itself. 
But that’s the thing we can intellectually reuse, recycle, and make simple changes in our lifestyle towards sustainable Journey. 
Yes, sustainability is a journey. It is a habit you have to form for life just like healthy eating, exercise or reading. 
It would be hard. You might make mistakes but never give up. 
If you did a mistake or couldn’t avoid the purchase of plastic, the least you can do in that case is don’t dump it irresponsibly. Look for the options for recycle or reuse. 

Lets come to the 3 Simple habit which I started first on my Sustainable Journey.

  • Carry Your Own Water Bottle: Thirst is uncontrollable and a drastic purchase we do when we are thirsty, is buying a packaged drinking water bottle. The packaged drinking water bottle is usually recyclable and But rarely reused. Packaged drinking water companies also generate tons of pollution which is causes irreplaceable damage to the land and water reserves. So carrying your own water bottle made of metal will save you money and step you up towards the  your sustainable Journey. Also you can refill your bottle as when drinking water is accessible to you.  

  • Menstrual cups: As women we generate waste on our monthly cycle each month. It is the waste that is hard to decompose and the amount of trash we have already dumped is going to take more than 300 years to decompose. We are leaving a ghastly scars on earth by using pads each month. Menstrual cups are a very much comfortable, travel friendly, least maintained option we can have during our work, workout and any heavy physical activity. If you are comfortable with new cloth pads option available then it is much more sustainable than the cups. Read more about how use Menstrual cups here- Your Face wash: The habit of using a branded chemically formulated face wash has just become a habit to us. The habit which creates a tube or bottle for each of us every month which  will stay in the trash mountain for 100 years.  So what is the replacement for this. You can use chickpea flour/besan and 1/2 tea spoon of turmeric will cleanse your face as effectively as a face wash. You can also use shikakai/soap nut powder+1/2 tea spoon of turmeric also a replacement for this. If you have a sensitive skin then do according to your convenience and research or doctor’s advice.

  • Cloth Diapers: My most favourite shift and followed it through two kids in last 8 years, also suggested my friends to do it. Cloth diapers were my first choice when I started this journey towards the sustainable living.
    If you have  more ideas towards the easy shift towards sustainable living option do comment and spread the knowledge to others and me.  

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Feedback and suggestion:

Is The Anger Of The Indian Citizens On the Indian Government, Justified?

Photo by Nandhu Kumar from Pexels

 I saw the an article stating, that it is a Tsunami of Corona in India. I so disagree with this point. As any natural disaster which occurs in any part of the world is so unexpected. People and Government usually find no time to evacuate a certain place of natural disaster and Government does its remedial work after the event has occurred. 

If the series of death numbers happening in India, had occurred in march 2020. I would have agreed on the title that it is a Tsunami in India of corona. But after a year into this pandemic. After some serious lockdown last year and controlling the situation so amazingly well in such a highly populated country. 

Today we are in a terrible state of loosing young lives not because of corona but due to 

  1. lack of oxygen
  2. lack of medicine
  3. lack of health care facilities
  4. lack of coordination
  5. lack of unity among the politician
  6. lack of common sense by conducting rallies and allowing Kumbh mela to happen
  7. corrupt government at each and every level of governance including gram panchayat.                             

As I write this there are many states internally and remotely allowing people for marriage and other functions to happen, beyond the stated limitations.
We are taxed at each and every purchase in India.

We are checked and verified by Income Tax Department if we do illegal transactions.
We were forced to buy internet connections to work from home and increase the capitalism of the country.

Many lost their jobs who couldn’t work from home.

Many are in debts for life because they couldn’t earn enough to keep their families needs intact.

Many small business had to incur heavy losses because they had to provide their employees facilities to work from home.

Implications of bad Governance in April 2021

The government must have started the setup of oxygen plants and ventilator need in march 2020 itself in each and every state.
But it didn’t.
As a result we lost lives of many who were not supposed to die. This was not their fate. This death was a strangulation by government who would never be blamed or accused.

We are asked our Aadhaar card, voter id and what not documents for verification for a simple purchase of any expensive goods or a SIM card.

Do we ever ask for transparency from our government?

Do we ever question why journalist don’t acknowledge the work that has not been done by government, but journalist will bombard on government after the common man has suffered.

Why the actors, many prestigious MLAs who are in the legislative assembly, in this past year never questioned or suggested the government about that what if situation worsened.

Why no person inside the government blowed the whistle so that we could have been alert or pressurised government to do what they must have done?
In the end, do we follow politics?
Do we question why we are still a developing country?
Do we question some of the necessities we deserve aren’t provided by the country?
Do we question why capitalism is favoured in India?

These deaths of the people of are going to ghost all of us for a long time for not questioning at the right moment.
I am not saying it would be different scenario if there was some other party in the governance. It would be exact same situation any person was the prime minister.
The situation in India would be exactly same even when the next pandemic would hit us. We would be exactly like this unprepared, worried, anxious and in search of answers.
It is a high time that the way government official are elected and govern us needs to be changed.

Three Things You Must Remember When You Feel DoubtFul Of Your Chosen Path

Being doubtful, worried, anxious in the mid way towards your dream is not wrong. You might have chosen your dream work or you might be doubtful about choosing your dream. Thinking about the comfort, you are experiencing now.

You might have a comfortable job. Which may, or may not be your dream path. Your goals might be different from your current position.

Then the doubt arises, should I do it or not. The risk of being unsuccessful. The anxiety about failure kicks in. The self doubt shoots up when life gets boring while chasing you dream work.

I would say everything is normal. You just have to find a way out. A way to be sure to do things.

Rule 1:

Set a desired amount of time for your goal achievement. Like give it a 6months or year’s time to your dream/goals. Aim to achieve that in that desired amount of time. So if your quitting your job, make sure you have that much amount savings in your bank account to survive and get through that time. You have to give 100% dedication towards your goal achievement. The complete use of your time must be focused towards your success and ways to achieve, without any distraction, not even social media.

Rule 2:

If you are not in a situation to take a break from your current job or you have to find some work for your daily bread and butter. Then squeeze in an hour or two, to give a deep work towards your dream. You have to discipline yourself to do this. As one day you are hoping this to be your full time work. So doing little deep work daily is important and will help you in long term.

Rule 3:

Getting disappointed is one thing you must remember, will always come in everybody’s life. Your work might not be liked or acknowledged by everyone. You might not get the amount of love for your work you expected. It might have taken weeks or months to showcase your best work, but it might not be received in a good way to the audience. Disappointment seeks in. Remember disappointment is a massive emotion. It is an emotion that throws you out of the league. We are all doing the same amount of work to thrive, these little disappointments, grabs us down, pulls us out of the league. It creates such a havoc in our mind that we never find that courage to stand up and put up a show.

So keep fighting. Don’t stop that learning curve. There is always a scope for reviewing your work.

Reviewing your work gives you an analysis to grow and enhance your work.

There is nothing impossible to achieve until we get disappointed.Resentment kills our passion.

Stay positive. Kick that disappointment off. Find ways to review and enhance.

The most important thing is, keep reading positive articles, books to keep your hopes up and disappointments at bay.

Have a day full of hopes.

Thank you for reading!

Why Selling on Social Media is Scarier than the Clowns?

Just imagine in 2018-19 when you need information about studying a digital marketing course, what would you do. You would just google and find a choice or ask your friends. Now when you google for information about a course and you still get a lot on google than after sometime when you open your social media, and start scrolling you will find the ads for the digital marketing courses on instagram or Facebook.

I didn’t recognise this patten initially, but now its obvious. I am surprised by the number of people have expertise in digital marketing and they have created a course of their own hacks and methods of digital marketing, then selling them. The typical pattern they follow is no information is free and once you attend their workshop which you pay for a minimum amount. Then at the end of each workshop you will get an upgrade to the next level of their workshop which is an expensive upgrade. They just again frame our mind with telling us that it’s life time access and they will support till we get a job or end up becoming like one of them.

When I realised this pattern, I had a good joke of my own to laugh about. When I was young, the salesman used to come very often selling a mop, detergent powder, vegetable chopper and so many other things.

Now the same kind of salesmen are selling things they have created, on our social media feeds and walls. The worst part is there is no option for ad free Facebook or ad free instagram.

Then I thought may be very soon, instagram and Facebook will start membership, just like Netflix, prime and YouTube, to show a ad free content of our known people.

Initially I thought it was silly to think like that, then I was reading a book called Deep work by Cal Newport, has a theory in which New York University professor Neil Postman who was a communication theorist in 1990 had published that our society is going to be in trouble because of technology, though in those period the computer revolution had just begun. Those days, internet revolution didn’t begun but yet he said that and I admire his forecast.

So may be my forecast is going to be correct and the social media might become paid apps when the people just think of how to make more money than this idea would become a boom of income to the app owners.

While reading this book Deep Work, I was also enlightened by the information about how in future the deep work is going to be valued, with these easy money making trends through internet, technology and social media, the value for the knowledge and deep analysis of work style is going to surpass the rapid speed technology too.

Also people selling and making their course is actually degrading the value for all the courses. The real life truth is after spending so much of money on a course we still stand in a competitive world, where we have to work for the survival, that is not going change.

The worst part I feel about technology is that most of us use it and become lazy. Most of our energy is drained through social media and shallow work. We keep searching for the shortcut to success and easy money making, which is making these social media teachers grab the opportunity of making each of their courses, each making you feel like that it is a one time opportunity to success, fame and money making.

I can just say,Think twice before paying, be sure before that final click.

Knowledge Before Acknowledge.

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with regards,

the real influencer