Say No to Your Pads Today

say no to pads forever

My first reaction when I heard about the menstural cups was “EUCK”. But I have been using it since one year now.When I look at the time I still cannot believe it one year now and I am officially a pro at using it.

I have been a heavy bleeder but from last 6 months the period heaviness is decreased and have officiallysaid goodbye to the PAINFUL cramps. Many told me after having kids your flow will decrease but NOPE, it got little bearable but otherwise there is no significant change.So the idea of a cup holding my flow was out of the question.

But something triggered me to give it a try. I was reading a blog about sustainable living and lifestyle changes, it made a huge impact on me. There were few things I could change in my lifestyles and this was one of those things.

Do you know pads are not good for the environment and their disposal and treatment takes lot of energy and it stills leaves our soil scared and irreparable damages. 

The next important thing that is coming for us in future is that we will be definitely charged for the disposal of each pad we use. So imagine buying an expensive pad plus charges for disposing the pads, be causing disposal of pads do take seggregation and treatment of the used pads.

So its the right time to switch from pads to Menstrual cups. I am sure you are gonna love this cups after 3 months because it takes time to adjust just like we took time to get used to our periods for the first time.

Who should immediately switch to cups from pads/tampons?

  1. Light menstrual bleeders
  2. Work from home women/girls
  3. Newbies/teenage girls who have just started getting periods
  4. Everyone who wants to get rid of pads and save the Mother Nature from the pads/tampons

For heavy bleeders like me here are some tips:

  1. menstrual cups comes in different sizes opt for the best choice for you according to your age.
  2. For the first three months use a pad (you will need only one even on your heaviest day) but you will be saving yourself from using 3 more pads.
  3. Wear a pad while going out for any kind of work just for safety purpose.
  4. Your flow will decrease after 6 months of using menstrual cups and you will get an idea of when u will need a pad and when not.

From past one year I have only bought two packets of pads and I still have 3 or 4 left of that stock. 

As I am a heavy bleeder if I had been using pads for past one year then the total would be (10 padsx12months=120 pads a year) instead I have used 10 pads in on year that’s remarkable right.

Now let me give me some real tips on how to choose a menstrual cups.

  1. Always buy 2 cups because accidents can happen and while inserting or removing the cup might fall down into the toilet so better have a spare one (always) or one you can keep in your carry bag.
  2. The cup must have smallest removable tip.(I have listed few of my favourite brands that I use)
  3. Keep a separate small pan or bowl to boil your menstrual cup
  4. If you have a daughter then definitely start using a menstrual cup, you could help her from the trap of infections from pads and tampons.
  5. Menstrual cups are more travel friendly then pads, you just need a bottle of water.

Final tip is DONOT GIVE UP, You will be a Pro like me in No time.

The following is list of brands I have tried and tested.

  1. The BOOND cups are the best cups in the market, slightly expensive but they are perfect cups with the smallest tips
  2. Currently I am using the cups from this brand click this link and check out if it suits you
  3. The last I want to suggest is

Lets all change to some simple habits today which can give us a better world tomorrow.

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